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*UPDATED* Got fat? | Get Grapefruit

*UPDATE*   I am down 11 pounds in 11 days!!!  I no longer crave soda (I’ll miss you Dr. Pepper), and I’m not hungry or craving food all the time.  (I was a total binge eater and seek comfort food.)  If you are interested in just trying out these oils as described below and don’t yet have a wholesale account you can purchase them by clicking HERE.  Be sure to check the ‘retail customer’ option at the top of the page, it will have you register to shop and then just go in and grab the oils you want to try!  It’s that easy! If you haven’t attended a class to discover the benefits of being a wholesale member yet and just want to get your hands on these three oils right away that’s the simplest way to do it.  So go grab your oils, and capsules (you can purchase them online as well), and get started!  What are you waiting for?!  I’m finally under 200 pounds again!!!  🙂  Yeah me!!!  Still seems fat to some, but I’m wittling away…..even had to get a belt for my pants. Happy Oiling!

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So you wanna lose weight huh?  Who doesn’t?!  We’ve become a society that considers fast food it’s own food group.  Obesity is on the rise and it not only can wreak havoc on your wardrobe budget but it’s totally not healthy.  I not only want to lose weight to look better, but to feel better.  I know when I stop and think about my daily habits and things I do, they are hindered because of my weight.  I tire more easily when doing activities.  I definitely can’t run a marathon anymore (don’t know that I ever could truth be told! lol), I tend to sit cross legged and that used to be a LOT easier than it is now.  My knees will begin to hurt from the strain and if I’m on my feet for extended periods doing work (especially on concrete or hard floors) I have to wear my squishy (totally stylin’) crocs.  Otherwise my knees and my shins will be screaming at me all night to remind me of how overweight I really am and how I tortured them all day. 20140804-105948-39588721.jpg So what’s  girl to do that isn’t motivated to kick start a workout routine?  Sounds silly but I’d be more excited and open to exercising daily if I could do it more easily. And before you start with the lecturing of JUST DO IT!  You’re lazy!  If you want something you have to work at it!….. Yes, I know.  I’ve done the whole fitness junkie persona and my weight has yo-yo’d for years.  I used to be obsessed with exercising to the point it was a detriment to my health.  Seriously.  Three times a day.  Cardio, aerobics, walking, weights.  I did it all.  I lost over 50 pounds and was down to the smallest size I’ve ever been (even smaller than high school! Oh don’t we all wish we could go back to our girly figures?).  I swore I would never let food dominate my life again and I was never going to be fat again.  Ha!  Life has a way of changing your best made plans. So you know I understand your pain, here’s a brief run down:

  • High School – Size 9/10 – 115/120 pounds (Seriously looks awesome when you pull out those old pics! And I was considered a ‘big’ girl in school.  Sad that we warp young girl’s minds to what’s ‘normal’ or ‘pretty’.)
  • Early 20’s (before the first baby) – 125 pounds
  • Post baby number 1 – 150 pounds, and I lost about 10-15 of my baby weight and ended up around 135.
  • I quickly gained it back before baby number 2 – pregnancy started at 150.
  • Post baby number 2 – 175…. ouch!  But I was uber proud I didn’t come close to the 200 lb mark some of my friends were topping out at ! 😉
  • Then the best friend was going to get married.  I was determined not to be heavier than the bride.  Yeah, there’s a goal.  I began in February for a summer wedding in June.  I went overboard.  I lost 50 pounds in less than 4 months.  Between diet pills and shakes and overkill on my exercise routine I ended up anemic and surprisingly friends started telling me I was ‘too skinny’.   I considered them to just be jealous as I bottomed out at my lowest weight and was wearing a slim and trim size 8!!!  I was beyond thrilled.
  • Then life happened, highs and lows, and I gained EVERY POUND BACK.  And each one brought a buddy along.  I was around 170 pounds before baby number 4 decided to grace us with his presence.  (yes, number 4…..remember life happened.  number 3 was a difficult miscarriage that drove me to binge eating for comfort)
  • Post baby number 4, I topped out at 200 pounds even!  I no longer worried I was going to hit that magic number, I was just determined to not go OVER it.  lol  Mission accomplished.
  • Nursing helped to boost the weight loss again this time.  I managed to drop about 25 pounds and ended up around 175.  Ho hum, that size 9 seemed like not only a distant memory but like it never happened.
  • Now…. I just tell people I’m working on losing my baby weight.  It’s such a struggle.  When they ask how old is your baby?  I quickly change the subject so I don’t have to tell them he’s actually 11.   Over the course of the last few years I gained all of that weight back and I manage to stay stable at a whopping 210 pounds (on average).  No matter what I try to do to lose weight it goes nowhere.  The good news is, I don’t gain either.  Even when I binge.

So…maybe that wasn’t such a brief overview after all.  I’ve gone from a size 9 to a lovely size 16/18.  Wow…. double me.  Is that anything like the movie Supersize Me?  Seriously, because I’ve never seen it. With my love of Young Living essential oils I went on a quest.  I’m always telling folks “there’s an oil for that!” anytime they complain or share how ill they are.  So why wouldn’t there be an oil for weight loss?  I discovered many sites with many recipes and after discovering more than one that had a ‘similar’ recipe I decided to give it a try.  Citrus oils are key! I had already been drinking citrus fresh in my water for weeks without even giving it a second thought and discovered one day that I was able to get a pair of shorts on that I hadn’t been wearing in over a year.  They were comfy!  Hello!  How did I do that?  Because I’m a pizza junkie.  Must have been the citrus, and I have made a conscious effort to cut back (my goal is to quit) drinking soda.  I know that is my biggest downfall and must go.20140804-105941-39581653.jpg Now, on to the good stuff!!  The recipe!  You’re going to need the following:

  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Lemon Essential Oil
  • Grapefruit Essential Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • empty veggie capsules to make your ‘pills’

It’s liquid gold I’m tellin’ ya!  Your oil ratio needs to be 2:1 for your coconut oil.  For every drop of essential oil you need two drops of coconut oil.  Just so you don’t go mad trying to hold those little suckers while you fill them here’s how you do it…. I got an empty amber bottle to mix my oils and some glass droppers.  Each individual capsule will have 2 drops of peppermint, 2 drops of lemon and 2 drops of grapefruit, as well as 12 drops of coconut oil.  (remember, 2:1 ratio)  So the easiest way to do this, I filled my glass dropper from my oil bottles and then transferred it to the empty bottle.  Two droppers full of peppermint, 2 droppers full of lemon, 2 droppers full of grapefruit.  Cap your bottle and mix.  You don’t have to shake it like a milkshake, just roll it around in your hands.  Then you’re going to get a separate container (I used baby food or canning jars) to put your coconut oil in.  I melt my oil in a double boiler on the stove.  Doesn’t take but just a few seconds and it’s better than microwaving to melt.  This breaks down your coconut oil and it loses some of its benefits. Once you have everything ready to go you simply use one of your glass droppers (I try not to mix mine in different oils), and get started adding oils to your capsules.  Since your oils are already mixed in your amber bottle you’re going to add 6 drops of your mixture to your capsule.  Then you’re going to add 12 drops of the coconut oil with another glass dropper.  Pop on the cap of your capsule and that’s it!!!  Easy peasy!!!  I never really counted but think I made enough for about a month supply.  Don’t worry if you get extra drops here and there.  It’s not an exact science.  I know some of my capsules I ended up with 7 or 8 drops of essential oils which only left me space for about 10-11 drops of coconut oil. 20140804-105943-39583442.jpg I ONLY RECOMMEND USING YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS for these capsules as they are 100% pure therapeutic grade oils and can be safely taken internally.  These three little essential oils are going to be your new best friend.  The peppermint and lemon come in your premium starter kit so you’d already have those on hand if you are a wholesale member.  The grapefruit is very affordable at just $15 for a 15 ml bottle it’s not hard on your budget to give this a try!  If you aren’t already a wholesale member you can find out how to get your own oils HERE, or contact me to purchase them at retail cost. 20140804-105944-39584997.jpg One ‘recipe’ called for taking 1 capsule, once a day with a glass of water.  Another recommended taking 2 capsules per day.  So, ya know, being the go-getter I am, I opted for the 2/day routine.  I only started them a mere 5 days ago and can already tell a difference.  I seriously need to get new batteries for my scale!  I wanna know exactly how good they’re working!!! Grapefruit oil is used to ‘detox’ your fat cells (think of cellulite and smoothing out the bumps!  Yes, it does that too!  There’s even a recipe for a massage oil, we’ll cover that soon! Promise!) and I have noticed several change in my body.  I had a small fatty deposit like spot on my face around my temple.  It resembled a water wart of sorts but I’ve never been able to rid myself of it.  I noticed after only 3 days it’s practically GONE! Another confession….I have fatty tumors in my legs around my upper thighs and hips.  Some of them are large enough they stand out from my skin looking like knots and they can be tender to the touch or if they are bumped.  Guess what?  They are shrinking and are no longer sensitive!  Those two things alone made this all worthwhile to me. And bonus number three, they are actually working for weight loss!  I took a pair of my sister’s designer jeans last time I visited about a month ago, they were a bit snug but I mentioned designer right?  She paid big bucks for them, and I wanted them.  So I took them.  Isn’t that what little sisters are for?  Long tailed shirts can sometimes hide a little bulge and a taught zipper.  😉  Well, they are now LOOSE and I need a belt to wear them!  My waist is whittling away and my hope is that my hips and legs will soon follow suite.  lol After only 5 short days this has made me happy.  I know I need to get into a routine of regular exercise and healthier eating.  Baby steps girls.  Baby steps.  One girl’s story I read said she lost 6 pounds in her first week of just taking one of these capsules a day.  By week two she was down 12 pounds.  I’m excited and hopeful!  I’ll keep you posted of my progress.  Now go make your own little golden capsules!  I’m thinking these things would make Jack give up those magic beans and the golden eggs.  His mother might not have been so upset with him. 20140804-105946-39586647.jpg


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Kitchen Witch | Natural Remedies

So my mother came over to the house today and we did a little cookin’ in the kitchen.  Not the old fashioned kind.  Well, maybe this is the old fashioned kind nobody remembered to pass it down!  We’d found some ‘recipes’ online for some sleepy cream, and some pain relief cream among other things.  When mother called to ask how to make them, it’s just easier to show her.  So she brought her everyday oil kit, a jug of coconut oil and, now…..she never leaves home without her water bottle either.

So we looked up the recipe for the sleepy cream first.  Mother has been overwhelmed by the power of peace and calming in her diffuer at night for bed and has been sleeping better than she has in YEARS.  So why she felt the need to add this sleep cream to her nightly routine I have no idea.  We made such a mess and rubbed it all over our bodies to clean up that I’m just glad she wasn’t dozing off on her drive home. lol

So here’s a helpful little chart with a few good recipes.  Most of which can be made using the essential oils from the Everyday Oils that can be purchased as a part of the Premium Starter Kit.

So the sleepy cream was a breeze to make.  My only substitution is adding a bit of mango butter to the mix.  You see, where I live coconut oil doesn’t stay solid except in the winter. 😉 So I always use a double boiler and add a more stiff carrier to my goodies.  Melt down the coconut oil and mango in a double boiler just to the point it’s liquid.  Then I transfer it to a room temp glass bowl and put it in the fridge just long enough for it to start to set up again.  Like when you start to see a solid edge around the bowl.  Take it out, stir just a bit to make it like jelly, then I add my necessary essential oils and take my electric hand mixer with the whisk attachment and whip it up until it’s nice and creamy.  If you’ve ever made meringue it’s sorta’ the same principle.  Then we put her creams into metal tins and put labels on the lids.

We made the pain cream on this recipe chart too, just like above adding some mango butter and preparing the same way.  Only lemongrass doesn’t come in the premium kit and that’s what my mother has been working with.  So we substituted Thieves oil.  Which I’m sure works GREAT too!!  🙂

She was so happy when she went home I wonder how long it took her to get them out at home and lather my dad up!  Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils aren’t cheap (nothing that’s good for you ever is!), so it’s nice to be a bit stingy (for lack of a better word) with them at times.  Just administering a drop or two neat on your skin is definitely awesome and gets right down to business.  But if you have something chronic or just a daily habit you’ve gotten into then making things like these creams makes your oils go a long way!  Remember a little dab’ll do ya so when you are making a 1/4 to 1/2 cup mixture you’re going to get a lot more mileage out of your precious drops of oil than you realize.

I hope you take the time to make some of the things on this sheet and let me know how they worked for you!  Even if you just use the one carrier oil of coconut rather than a combination it’s still gonna work out great for you!

Oh!  I almost forgot!  She told me she had been studying what to use for my dad’s blood sugar too and apparently she’s been applying Thieves oil to his feet at night too.  So we took an empty oil bottle and added a carrier oil (olive oil) to the bottle and put in some thieves so she already has a bottle of mixed to use like a massage oil.  He’s still getting the benefit of the thieves and it’s going to last a lot longer for her this way.

There’s seriously soooo many ways to use essential oils that this is just the tip of the iceberg. (please note that I’m watching Deadliest Catch while updating my blog so I’m literally seeing icebergs. lol Yeah, I’m a dork like that.) Please comment below if you have made any of these or if you have recipes of your own you’d like to share!

What are you waiting for?

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Renea Lynch | Young Living #1171826

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Once Upon a Time | Melaleuca

Once upon a time in a land far, far away….. just kidding.  It was only 10 years ago and happened in Missouri.  Don’t I wish I was far, far away.  On a beach.  With a good book. 😉

When our youngest son was just a baby he developed eczema.  I’d never seen a baby with such horrible red skin and as a parent you NEVER want your kids to feel bad.  Of all the childhood illnesses I never dreamed looking into my baby’s eyes and sweet cheeks that he would look like a watermelon had exploded on his face and it would bring me to tears.  Surprisingly after going to the doctor and hearing the good news that he didn’t have some debilitating third world disease taking over his body, we had a simple enough solution to make it all go away.  Just a prescription cream.  Only I didn’t want something that a doctor had to essentially write a permission slip for me to use as it was too ‘potent’ to sell over the counter.  I wanted something that didn’t have a wrap sheet of side effects a mile long!   We’d already filled the script (because 10 years ago our insurance was awesome and it didn’t cost us anything!  So much for change….but that’s another post for another blog), and then took the time to read the informative insert that came along with our little wonder tube.  We quickly decided against using it.  I tried to find every alternative method I could to help ease the itch and make it go away.  Lucky for us our boy wasn’t a scratcher and stayed relatively happy through it all.


 Bear in mind this was a good day!  🙂  Only his face and part of his arms were broke out and not too bad at that!

  Then someone introduced us to a wellness company that had natural products for our home and health and in this one special little bottle of essential oil we found our miracle.  The company made a body lotion that had melaleuca oil that was recommended for skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea.  After just one or two days it was AMAZING what we saw.  Our little melon boy was starting to look normal again!  He no longer looked like someone with third degree burns on his face and arms!  The doctors told us not to bathe him everyday either as it could dry his skin out and make his condition worse.  As a baby (especially a winter baby) that wasn’t that big of a deal.  No hot weather, no frogs to stick in your pockets at just 3 months old.  😉  Which became a normal routine for us of bathing a couple times a week.


And voila! I checked the data on these pictures in my computer and this was about a week after the first picture.

 As he grew older his skin would get a little dry in the winter but that was it.  We always resorted to the same lotion and melaleuca oil.  We never had to deal with eczema again.  🙂  We were sold on that one simple little essential oil and used it for EVERYTHING.  Literally.  It’s like a wonder oil for so many things.  You can imagine momma’s excitement when she discovered Young Living  some 5 or 6 years later and the whole plethora of natural goodness that followed.

I can only imagine what I would have done if I’d had Young Living all those years ago.  If you suffer from eczema here’s a few tips I’d suggest, as always research and reading on your own is a must!  Then you might want to give this a try:




Have you got oil?  If not, I think it’s time you give them a try.

Get oily with me!

Renea Lynch | Young Living #1171826